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We are blessed to have a wonderful faith community. Our parish has many dedicated members, a rich communal and liturgical prayer life with Masses and sacraments, an outstanding music ministry, strong education and faith formation programs, many opportunities to share time and talent, and an extensive community outreach. We also have one of the most beautiful and newest churches in the entire Archdiocese. Furthermore, we have a wonderful school building thanks to the renovations that were part of the building project. Not only is our new church magnificent, it required a large financial commitment. It was a conscious choice of the parish to build such an edifying structure to provide us with a splendid worship space and leave a rich spiritual legacy for future generations.

We have arrived at a crossroads. The funds from the first two capital campaigns, Fulfilling Our Promise (2006-2009) and Fulfilling Our Promise/The Debt Reduction Phase (2010-2013) are just about exhausted. The unpaid balance on the building loan debt is $3.7 million.
Why is there a need for a capital campaign now?
The case statement for this campaign was determined by the parish leadership based on the current status of the existing debt. The necessary steps to pay down the remaining debt were identified and then tested through interviews and questionnaires during the feasibility study. These results determined a goal of $2.5 million. The challenge goal to retire the entire debt is $4.1 million. If we achieve or surpass our $2.5 million goal, we will significantly reduce the principle and meet all of our payments for the next three to six years. But, in meeting this goal, we will still be hampered by a balance that will require additional fundraising or will, if incorporated into the operational budget, impinge on parish ministries and outreach. On the other hand, if we reach our challenge goal of $4.1 million, the parish will be debt free and able to focus on our mission with greater freedom and creativity.
As a faith community, it is time for us to unite once again to retire this debt. As God has richly blessed us over and over again, it is time for us to be Going to the Well again and to make another generous return to the Lord for our many blessings. For those who have participated in previous capital campaigns, I would like to ask you to make a generous pledge one more time. For those who have not participated previously, or for those who are new to the parish, I invite you to jump on board and make a pledge in this campaign.

Please pray over your decision about how much to share, and it is best to use a spiritual framework to do this discernment. Ask yourself, what size of gift would prompt Jesus to say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”? When our generosity is a fitting response to God’s many gifts, peace follows.







June 25, 2014 Update
We are thrilled to announce that as of Tuesday, June 24, the parish pledge total reached $2,800,000 towards the $4.1 million needed to retire the debt of our building loan.  This good news means we have reached the amount needed to activate the $1 million challenge grant (made possible through a donor family) that was announced in late May, giving us a current total of $3.8 million.
While this is outstanding, the task is not finished. We are $300,000 shy of the stretch goal of $4.1 M to completely retire the debt.  It is extremely important to finish well.  It is time for our last hurrah to bring this campaign to a grand and glorious conclusion. 
So far 460 families have made a pledge, and while that number matches the response to the Fulfilling Our Promise/Debt Reduction Campaign, it is still short of the 600+ families that responded to the first campaign.  Jen Frazzini, campaign co-chair, stated, "We still want to hit the $4.1 M goal.  We would like to exceed the number of families that pledged the first time.  It would be wonderful if more families would participate."
Although the formal appeal portion of the campaign is drawing to a close, it's still possible to make a pledge now or in the future.  If you have not done so already, please Go to the Well so we might Fulfill the Promise.  
  • Contribute online by clicking the Donate button on this page. 
  • Pick up a pledge cards in the pews.  For the next few weeks pledge cards will be available in the pews; after that time you can find them at the information desk in the narthex.  Please return completed pledge cards to the parish office or drop them in the mail.
  • Contact Cindy Schriever, Director of Stewardship & Development, cschriever@st-barts.org at 952/473-6601, x228.



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