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We believe the youth of St. Bartholomew, as baptized members of the people of God, are called to full participation in our parish community and its contribution to the world.  Our high school faith formation program focus is directed specifically toward youth in grades 9-12 and their families, as well as extending to other individuals who affect their lives.

 Therefore we will:

  • Provide opportunities to discover truth and knowledge through the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Strive to inspire, through shared leadership, a courageous commitment to act with faith, love and compassion.
  • Work to integrate the youth, their gifts, talents and energy, into all aspects of
    St. Bartholomew's parish life.


High School Faith Formation Curriculum

The new high school faith formation program offers four classes, which represent the four pillars of the Catholic Church: Liturgy and Sacraments, The Creed, Christian Prayer, and Christian Morality. Liturgy and Sacraments, The Creed and Christian Prayer are offered four times a year, whereas Christian Morality is offered three times a year, and is replaced in the spring by the Confirmation program.

Classes are offered in a ‘block’ format, just as a school operates on ‘quarters.’  Each block is five weeks long, offering classes on Sunday nights from 6:30-7:45 p.m.  Students wishing to be confirmed must complete all four classes plus the confirmation program, confirmation retreat and confirmation service hours. Classes may be taken throughout a student’s high school years with no minimum number of classes taken a year. The earliest a student may be confirmed is in 10th grade. To be confirmed in 10th grade, two to three classes a year must be taken. Christian Morality is only offered to those students in 10th grade or higher.
There are many positive attributes about this program:
  • Students are able to intensely focus on one class at a time to gain the most knowledge about a topic.


  • Students are encouraged to be involved in their school, community and church. This program allows students who may be heavily involved in an activity during a particular time of year flexibility so they may serve, play and learn to the best of their ability. It is not required that they take class in each block all year long. (For example, a basketball player may take class during block one and four, avoiding basketball season.)


  • Catechists will teach the same material four times a year allowing them to gain more knowledge about the given topic and grow more comfortable with the material. The more the Catechist teaches the subject, the better the class will become.
  • Students are not required to be confirmed in 10th grade; if the student’s schedule only allows them to take one or two classes a year, they may be confirmed as an 11th or 12th grader.
Description of Classes
Christian Prayer
By learning how to pray, you open a way to communicate on a deeply personal level with God. While learning about prayer, you will explore different forms of personal prayer and to take a greater responsibility for your own spiritual growth. This class helps give the tools necessary to build a solid and functional relationship with God.
Liturgy and Sacraments
Knowledge about the Liturgy and Sacraments will enable you to give the Liturgy and Sacraments the rightful place it deserves in your life. You will learn how the liturgical year is organized, learn about signs, symbols and rituals and why we need the Sacraments to be close to God.
This class focuses on understanding the treasure, the gift, the challenge, and the sacrament that is Church. The class encourages you to make the mission of the Church your own and grow in understanding in faith. Sessions are designed to help you delve into some core Catholic practices, attitudes and beliefs that will help you understand what it means to be Catholic.
Christian Morality
(10th grade and up – required for ALL Confirmants)
This class will provide a solid grounding in the foundations of Christian Morality. This class is structured as an invitation to become holy, healthy and happy. Learning what the Catholic Church teaches about the “tough stuff” so we may love and act as Christians is essential. This course will challenge you to live out your faith every day by making moral choices that are pleasing to God.




Anyone 16 years of age or older and/or in 10th grade may participate in the preparation process for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Confirmation preparation process will include four stages throughout the school year. 



Confirmation Preparation Process


Period of Invitation
  • To begin the preparation process on a positive note
  • To establish initial trust
  • To help the candidates reflect on their personal religious experience
  • To prepare for the Rite of Beginning
Period of Formation
  • To generate or renew candidate interest in the Gospel story of Jesus
  • To review essential elements of the Gospel
  • To call candidates to discipleship
Period of Reflection
  • To present the core beliefs, moral vision, and sacramental life of Roman Catholicism
  • To spark the candidates' enthusiasm for deeper participation in the life of the church
  • To prepare candidates for the meaningful celebration of Confirmation
Period of Mission
  • To reflect on the experience of the Rite of Confirmation
  • To prepare for a transition out of the process of preparation
  • To introduce opportunities for continued involvement and invite the newly confirmed to commit to ongoing formation 


Requirements for Preparation


  • Provide a copy of your Baptismal certificate to the Youth Minster.
  • Attend two liturgical rituals
    • Rite of Beginning
    • Rite of Sending (rehearsal included)
  • Retreat experience with Confirmation group
  • On-going Faith Formation (through parish or school)
  • Monthly Confirmation gatherings
  • Service Opportunities
    • At least 25 hours of community service
    • Interview with Director of Youth Ministry
    • Service Hours Form
  • Each candidate is asked to choose a sponsor
    • Requirements of Sponsor
    • Role of Sponsor
    • Sponsor Information Form




Important Deadline Reminder:
Those wishing to be Confirmed Spring 2014 (public, private and parochial students) must register by Sept. 8.



Connor Flanagan
Director of Youth Ministry and Middle/High School Faith Formation


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