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Ideally, Christian stewardship impacts all phases of our life including our plans for the use of our worldly goods and resources after our death. Planned gifts are extraordinary gifts unlike normal Sunday contributions, capital campaign programs and special fundraising events. Planned gifts usually involve gifts of assets rather than checks or cash. Some call it charitable estate planning. Planned Giving can offer many benefits:

  • It continues the generosity one has shown through life.
  • The donor gains charitable tax deduction now - even for future gifts.
  • It can help a donor reduce or avoid capital gains tax.
  • It can lower estate taxes.
  • It can protect and potentially increase the size of one's estate for one's heirs.
  • It could increase one's existing income.
  • Finally, it can help one recognize the dream of making the largest contribution of a lifetime, giving a gift that has major impact on your Parish.


Remembering your Parish in your Will...

A will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. It enables you to direct, in a very personal way, how your belongings will be distributed after your death.

Your will can be more than just a legal document relating how you want your possessions to be passed on after you are called home to God. It can also be a lasting prayer, responding to your faith with a gift to help continue the precious heritage of faith to others.

There are many ways in which you can support the works of your Parish through a bequest. You may designate a specific amount of money or a percentage of the total value of your estate. Often people give five percent, 10 percent or more of their estate to the Parish. If you prefer, St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community may be named recipient of items such as bonds, stocks or real estate.


Other Planned Giving Opportunities

There are many ways to make a special gift to the Parish, depending on your tax situation and personal circumstances.

Life Estate Gifts- You may transfer title to your home and retain the right to live there and use the real estate for life.

Charitable Gift Annuity- You may make a gift and receive income for life with annual payments based upon your age when the gift is made.

Charitable Remainder Trusts- Two types of Trusts exist: An Annuity Trust pays a fixed income, while a Unitrust provides fluctuating income based upon a fixed percentage of the trust value.

Retirement Gift Plans-A Pension Plan or an IRA, may permit you to give more than you thought possible, while eliminating taxes that may otherwise consume these assets.

Gifts of Life Insurance- A life insurance policy may be transferred making the Parish the owner and beneficiary.

Please contact Cindy Schriever in the Development Office at 952-473-6601 regarding bequests or other planned giving options.


Cindy Schriever
Development/Stewardship of Treasure


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