At The Time of Death

Pastoral presence, prayers and the Sacrament of Anointing are provided for parishioners and their families at the time of death. Contact Christine Ducharme,, 952/473-6601.

Funeral Liturgy Planning

A meeting will be scheduled with the Priest and Director of Pastoral Minister to select hymns and scripture.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Documenting hymns and readings can be a thoughtful component of estate planning and the Director of Pastoral Care can assist with pre-planning a funeral. Contact Christine Ducharme:, 952/473-6601. 

Funeral Resources

To learn more about Catholic funeral liturgy, you are invited to take home the booklet Funerals at St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community (located in acrylic holder by the information desk).

Local Funeral Homes

There are many options to choose from and here are a few local, family-owned funeral homes:

David Lee:
Rettinger Funeral Home:
Catholic Cemeteries:

Grief Support

St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community is a member of the West Suburban Grief Coalition, a coalition of 16 churches that offers ongoing grief support for many types of losses including: a parent, child, spouse, sibling or friend. For current schedule or more information contact:

For Individual grief support, contact: Christine Ducharme,, 952/473-6601.

Helpful Resources

For parents who have experienced the death of a child:

For Depression and Suicide: