SAGE Ministry

a social and spiritual ministry for those ages 55 and older

S ocial and spiritual opportunities to
A ffirm our faith and
G lorify God for
E lders

SAGE is a new ministry for St. Bartholomew parishioners who are 55 and older. The Merriam Webster Dictionary states the adjective “sage” describes “becoming wise through reflection or experience,” “mature or venerable, characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment.” We think it’s a pretty good description of our parishioners who are 55 and older!

Based on responses to a questionnaire sent out to parishioners 55 and older last year, the dedicated SAGE Dream Team Committee created a ministry to engage and connect with the parish in new ways as they continue to thrive in body, mind and spirit. Check here for upcoming events, activities and programs. For more information about SAGE, contact Christine Ducharme, Director of Pastoral Ministry.

Upcoming Events