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All we have is a gift from God.

What we do with what we have is our gift to God.

St. Bartholomew is a stewardship faith community. It is a way of living each day in gratitude for all the blessings that God has given to us. The roots of stewardship can be found in the Bible, which tells us over and over that God is the Creator and Giver of all gifts. It is our responsibility to show our gratitude to God for these gifts, by giving back to Him the “first fruits” to do God’s work on earth.

Scheduled Giving

Schedule Giving allows you to set your own giving amount, giving frequency, and fund designation. Choosing to give electronically helps St. Bartholomew by reducing administrative costs and improves the day-to-day financial situation of the parish.

Benefits to You

  • Convenience – No need to write a check every week.
  • Peace of Mind – Your contributions will be made automatically if you’re out of town or unable to attend church.
  • Efficient – You create a predictable cash flow to support the ministries that are important to you.
  • Simple – You choose the amount and timing of your contributions. You can adjust or stop your contributions at any time.
Legacy Society

Legacy Society

The St. Bartholomew Legacy Society was established in 1997 to serve parishioners by offering opportunities for achieving their charitable goals and to support and strengthen the mission of the Church. When you establish a planned gift naming St. Bartholomew, you’ll become a member of the St. Bartholomew Legacy Society and enjoy the personal satisfaction of continuing your family’s legacy of caring and supporting the ministries of St. Bartholomew through the generosity you have shown through life.

What to Do Next? If you have remembered St. Bartholomew in your estate planning, please let us know so we can properly acknowledge your generosity as a member of the St. Bartholomew Legacy Society.

Legacy of Faith Educational Endowment

Legacy of Faith Educational Endowment

Have you every wished that a gift could continue forever or that it could continue to benefit year after year? The St. Bartholomew Educational Endowment does accomplish this objective where it will…

  • Grow: Your contribution will be carefully invested to increase in overall value.
  • Produce: Your investment will provide annual gifts to help St. Bartholomew fulfill its worthy mission.
  • Endure: Your investment will last because only part of the income will be used each year.

When you establish a planned gift naming the Legacy of Faith Educational Endowment, you’ll become a member of the St. Bartholomew Legacy Society.