Holy Rosary Partnership

St. Bartholomew and Holy Rosary/Santo Rosario

St. Bartholomew and Holy Rosary/Santo Rosario, in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis, established a partnership in 1997. The partnership was founded on the principals of creating community, respecting distinct cultures, and fostering justice in the larger community.  Holy Rosary/Santo Rosario Catholic Church has seen many transitions. Once a prosperous community on the outskirts of downtown, the church is now a mission parish in many ways.  It's not so much a bastion or a fortress in the midst of a troubled neighborhood as it is a refuge and a haven for those in the neighborhood who come in need of love, security, and acceptance, as well as in need of a faithful encounter with a loving and merciful God. 

Through the efforts and coordination of the Partnership, St. Bart's has offered vital help to Holy Rosary parish members and the Phillips neighborhood. A partial list of the programs the Partnership has been involved in establishing include:

  • Cinco de Mayo Mass at Holy Rosary involving St. Bart's School children;

  • A coat drive to keep Phillips children and adults warm in the winter;

  • Volunteer teachers for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes;

  • St. Bart's parishioners volunteering their time at Holy Rosary's spring and fall festivals;

  • And financial support from St. Bart's.


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