VIRTUS: The Essential 3 

All those working or volunteering with children at the school or parish must complete the “Essential 3” (E3):

  • Background Check

  • Code of Conduct

  • Safe Environment Training, including:
    Registering for a VIRTUS “Live” session
    Completing the online module: Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

    If there is an upcoming VIRTUS “Live” session offered at St. Bartholomew, you will see a link below. (To see a list of all sessions in the Twin Cities area, go to the VIRTUS Online link and click the Registration tab on the left).

All components are completed through the VIRTUS Online website. To start the process or for more information about VIRTUS, click the VIRTUS ONLINE button on the right. For additional instruction, click the Virtus Account Registration Guide.

If you have questions or trouble with the online registration process, please contact St. Bart’s Safe Environment Coordinator, Sue Scott,, 952-473-6601, x326.